What Does the X Mean on Snapchat?

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In today’s ever-evolving landscape of social media platforms, Snapchat has solidified its position as a popular choice for communication and self-expression among users of all ages. Central to the experience of using Snapchat are the myriad of symbols and icons that pepper the interface, each holding its own significance and conveying unique messages.

Among these symbols, the enigmatic “X” has piqued the curiosity of many users. In this blog post, we delve into the world of Snapchat to decipher the meaning of this intriguing symbol. By understanding the role and implications of the “X” in Snapchat interactions, users can navigate the platform more effectively and enhance their communication experiences.

So, let’s uncover the secrets behind the “X” and shed light on its significance in the Snapchat realm.

X Meaning on Snapchat

The “X” symbol is typically encountered within the context of Snapchat conversations. It appears next to specific messages or interactions, often on the left side of the message bubble.

When users receive a message or a notification containing the “X” symbol, it immediately draws their attention and curiosity.

Primary Function of the "X" Symbol on Snapchat

The primary function of the “X” symbol on Snapchat is to allow users to dismiss or clear individual messages or conversations. When you tap on the “X,” it essentially marks the message or conversation as read and removes the notification from your chat list.

This feature is particularly useful for managing your chat history and decluttering your inbox. It’s important to note that clearing a message or conversation does not necessarily mean you’ve opened or viewed the content within; it simply signifies that you’ve acknowledged its presence.

When and How the "X" is Used

Users encounter the “X” symbol when they receive a new message, indicating an unread message, and in their chat list to highlight unopened chats.

It’s also used when clearing individual messages or entire conversations.


For instance, when you open a message with an attached image, the “X” appears, signifying that the message has been read. Tapping the “X” clears messages from your chat list. In group chats, it can clear specific messages or the entire chat, helping users manage their conversations.


Usage of the “X” can vary slightly based on context. In one-on-one chats, clearing often implies message acknowledgment, whereas in group chats, it’s more about decluttering.

The symbol may appear slightly different on various devices or Snapchat versions, but its core function remains consistent. Understanding these variations is key for users to interpret the “X” symbol effectively.

The "X" and Friend Requests

X and freinds on snapchat

Relation to Friend Requests

The “X” symbol is not directly related to friend requests on Snapchat. Instead, it primarily pertains to messages and chats. When it comes to friend requests, Snapchat uses different symbols and mechanisms.

Users receive friend requests in the form of notifications, often accompanied by the user’s Bitmoji or username. There isn’t a standard “X” symbol associated with friend requests.

Actions for Friend Requests

When users receive friend requests on Snapchat, they have several actions they can take. They can choose to accept the request by swiping right on the user’s name in their friend requests list, which adds the person to their friend list.

Conversely, users can decline friend requests by swiping left on the request, which rejects the invitation. There isn’t a direct use of the “X” symbol in this context, as it primarily applies to managing messages and chats rather than friend requests.

Final Words - What Does X Mean on Snapchat?

In summary, we’ve decoded the mystery behind the “X” symbol on Snapchat. We’ve explored its location, function, and significance in various contexts within the app.

Understanding symbols like the “X” is crucial for a seamless Snapchat experience, as it empowers you to manage your chats effectively and maintain privacy.

As you continue to use Snapchat, remember that effective and respectful communication is key to building positive online relationships. Make the most of these symbols to enhance your interactions and enjoy your time on this dynamic social platform.

FAQ's - X Meaning on Snapchat

Q1. What does the "X" symbol mean in Snapchat?

The "X" symbol in Snapchat typically indicates that a message or conversation has been dismissed or cleared. It doesn't necessarily mean you've read the message.

Q2. Can I undo clearing a message with the "X"?

Unfortunately, once you clear a message or conversation with the "X," it cannot be undone. Make sure you're certain about clearing before tapping it.

Q3. Why is the "X" symbol not working in my Snapchat app?

If the "X" symbol isn't functioning as expected, it could be due to a bug or a temporary issue. Try restarting the app or updating it to the latest version to resolve the problem.

Q4. Is clearing a message the same as blocking someone on Snapchat?

No, clearing a message is different from blocking someone. Clearing simply removes a message from your chat list, while blocking prevents the person from contacting you or viewing your content.
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